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Kim Kardashian In Another Altering-selfie Scandal

Let You don't have to be an expert to see there is a major difference between the same photos, and that has a lot to do with girth and overall shape. Besides, this wouldn't be the first Kim K porn time that Kim is accused of modifying her photos to make herself slimmer and curvier at the same time. So that's why people are no longer falling for the same trick over and over. Instead of praising her curves, fans commented on her photo by saying things like Dude who even has that body shape, is it even real, or simply Photoshop, indicating their opinion that Kim had meddled with her real figure in the image-altering software. Some went even further and accused the reality star of using slimming apps on her phone that supposedly work by retouching photos to give you a thinner frame. This would be the low-tech version used for selfies snapped on a phone, with the same results that Photoshop provides for professional photo shoots. The last time that Kim sparked the same kind of outrage among her hoards of followers was when she decided to post a couple of gym selfies with best friend Blac Chyna, which featured both of them in tight-fitting pants and with ample and extremely round bottoms.
Source: Kim Kardashian in Another Altering-Selfie Scandal

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